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Editor and Publisher: Nancy Knowles Parker

Editorial and Advertising Department:
582 Wapping Road
Portsmouth, RI 02871
Phone: 401-847-3268

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Stephen W. Parker

Circulation Manager:
Dave Nelson

Design Director:
Gerry Lord

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Carolyn Horan    401-846-5732    Fax: 401-847-0533
Sarah Muska
Bob Mignarri
   401-885-8788 ext. 11

The New England Wine Gazette is published quarterly at 17-19 Morristown Rd., Bernardsville, NJ 07924 by The Recorder Publishing Co., a New Jersey Corporation. Permission to reprint editorial matter must be obtained from Recorder Publishing Co. Application to Mail at Second-Class Postage Rates is Pending at Bernardsville, NJ 07924. Any article in this publication may not be reprinted wholly or in part without the express permission of the publisher.

Circulation Department: (908) 766-3900 ext. 19    FAX: (908) 766-6365
Office of the Publisher: (401) 847-3268    FAX (401) 846-7104

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